2018 Lexus LS 500 – The Most Luxurious Lexus Ever?

Lexus didn’t pull any punches with the all-new 2018 LS 500. It feels more like a world-class luxury car than any other Lexus I’ve tested and seems to be aimed squarely at its Bavarian rivals. Its exterior is gorgeous, its interior is sumptuous, its twin turbo heart beats out 416 horsepower and it has an extravagant price tag. Does all this add up to the best Lexus yet?

The No Man’s Land Between Driverless And Traditional Cars

We’re living in a weird transitional purgatory between yesterday’s traditional vehicles and driverless cars. Cars are designed to insulate occupants from road and wind noise. A quiet smooth ride is a sweet thing. The bone I have to pick is with being insulated from the experience of driving by invasive technology. Either give me a car that can drive me to the store, or let me get on with it without interfering.