2017 Toyota Yaris iA -Basic Yes, Boring No

The Toyota Yaris is nestled comfortably in the subcompact class of cars. But just because this car is little doesn’t mean it’s small on charm.  Economy cars call to mind memories of stripped out rental cars with spartan interiors, uninspired exteriors, and acres of molded plastic.  

2017 Honda HR-V – Honda’s Other Small SUV

The 2017 Honda HR-V is reminiscent of the early Civics in its simplicity, and maybe its meant to fill a niche in the affordable, small SUV market.  Built on a third-gen Honda Fit chassis, it offers available AWD and is meant to fill the niche just beneath Honda’s other small SUV, the CR-V, in both proportion and price point.

2017 Volvo S90 T6 AWD – Making Safety Look Sexy

It’s no secret that Volvo has stepped up its game in the looks department. They’ve been subtly refining a shape that gets better with each iteration. In 2015, the S90 got a face lift. The aggressive looking grille and predatory looking headlights were a departure from the handsome but relatively sedate aesthetic of the previous model.